Dmitry Komarov admitted, what kind of girls he likes


Presenter graced the cover of gloss.

Ukrainian TV presenter travel show “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov shot for a magazine cover Proman Ukraine.

In an interview with Proman Ukraine Dmitry Komarov has told, what people, in his opinion, are the most happy.

According to Dmitry, the happiest people live in Buddhist countries.

“Especially in Southeast Asia. This Is Cambodia, Burma, Thailand. And highlighted Nepal. It was there I saw people who lived in poverty, but it was absolutely happy,” said the host.

The main secret of their happiness is to live for today: not to relive the events of yesterday and not worry about what will happen tomorrow. Because the future is something that hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, all thoughts about the future, according to the Buddhists, meaningless,– said Dmitry Komarov.

In addition, the presenter shared why his heart is still free.

“Love comes from above, she will not order. I am convinced that all the best ideas happen unexpectedly, and all attempts somehow to draw attention to themselves – artificial and futile. I can say that girls are important to me inner beauty, the presence of a signal from space and understanding that I was the man pulls” – admitted Dmitry.


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