Dmitry Gudkov. The struggle of the savage with a club against a spaceship


Telegram to my personal attitude: it is the most convenient messenger, which I know it built a significant part of our work with municipal deputies finally I use them daily and constantly. For this reason the conflict of Pavel Durov and the Russian government I’m on the side of Pavel Durov.

But even if I was a faithful adherent of some ICQ, it would cancel the simple fact: a struggle of power with Telegram is the struggle of the savage with a club against a starship. Evil, stupid and, fortunately, hopeless.

In General, Pavel Durov, today all are well formulated, one can only quote and to subscribe under each word:

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“If you take archaic laws that restrict freedoms, you will end up destroying their own economy. Over the past few years, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft shut down their offices in Russia, and many small companies have followed their example.”

“I hope that one day Iran and Russia have reached the moment when we (and other IT companies) will be able to access their offices. Until then we will continue to provide users in these markets the opportunity to secure messaging from places where respect for freedom.

We don’t care whether a particular country to press charges against us for protecting the privacy of our users. We are always ready to cut all of our personal and business connections with such places, so they had no leverage on us. They can try to lock us in their territory, but, as I showed in my previous post about China, even that doesn’t always help. Ultimately, freedom and privacy will prevail and those who would like to return in the 1930-ies, will be on the side of history.”

We disagree only about one thing: I don’t want to get a passport of another country and achieve change in Russia (although Pavel Durov I understand).

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