Dmitry Bykov: in Russia now is anarchy


Дмитрий Быков: в России сейчас уже анархия

I have a feeling that the changes that will occur in Russia, they will be non-political. Just policy will be farther away from the authorities, in the same way as the culture is farther away from censorship.

The advent of the Internet, such is the dominance of networks, Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome, mycelium, which resists verticalization, will lead to the fact that less people will vote and live, regardless of political rules that they will be other rules to handle. Here this thing is. And the fact that people vote for Putin, is because they do not vote for him.

You see, in Russia would be a full-fledged totalitarianism. They do not believe in Putin, they don’t believe any of the words, they laugh openly about what we in the first quarter of the broadcast said. They mock the principles of this government. They live in a state of outward loyalty, but inwardly they are absolutely not answerable to anyone. Here the attempts to manipulate the guilt, that’s what I said in a long report about guilt Orwell and Kafka, attempts to manipulate through guilt is no longer rolled, because it is like adultery, which caused the guilt in the 20th century and the 21st is jealousy and pride and has become the norm.

That is also today’s society is living in a state of adultery, therefore, attempts to talk about loyalty, devotion, happy funny, and do not vote for Putin. Here, Putin said that “as the highest compliment he considers that vote for him”. Vote for him not because of love but because the vote on the principle of “get off me”. The vote for the preservation of decorum when inside the deep perversion of all systems and of all requirements. It’s okay, that’s right.

The external picture of Russian life should not deceive anyone. That is why the company chooses not dictator. It chooses independence, it chooses ultimately ungovernability, or rather, that’s the government, the need for which so much was said Solzhenitsyn. Just the institutions of self-government is not yet built, and in General will happen what I’ve been dreaming of. This is my old hope: they leave the Kremlin and the ruble, and the rest of the people build a country that lives by itself. Possible full authoritarianism? – I don’t think. Spot landing – Yes, maybe with time, and they somehow manage to refuse to make.

And then there’s the question, “if I do not fear anarchy in Russia after the financial crisis?” And in Russia now is anarchy. You know, because all the institutions of government is dysfunctional, the only thing they know is how to punish, the plan for the news, they can scare, intimidate, and control – no, control has long been other mechanisms. Mechanisms of self-determination and self-realization, so I hope that will all happen in a soft way, just by leaving under this government, what I was talking about for quite some time. Recovery from this could only be an external war, but I hope that the foreign war in our time – scale, anyway, is impossible. It’s the same, than said Orwell, who is the author of the term “cold war” (he lived to our times, he would certainly would replace it with the term “hybrid”).

What’s going on? There are several superstate, which could not destroy each other because of the presence of nuclear weapons, and then have to live under the conditions of the cold war, or, as Oleg Khlebnikov in the “civil cold war”. It’s the terminology of Orwell, and the company will rebuild in this mode alone, because no full-fledged totalitarianism or war, organising everyone as a closed fortress, besieged, would not be possible gradually. So, you have to decide for themselves.


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