Dissatisfied With The Crimea


As wisely said Antoine de Saint-Exupery “We are responsible for those who tamed”.

Somehow this truth forget some mainland Russians. They, you know, the last time not like that in the Crimea allocated money. They believe that the Crimea is not necessary to allocate a single penny, and Crimeans have to do to earn money.

Why is this world flawed?

1. First, in March 2014, almost all Russians were behind the annexation of Crimea. Something I do not recall that someone then spoke with placards: “you can Not join the Crimea, we will have nothing to feed him!”. All people are competent, all knew that the Crimea and Ukraine was subsidized region. Crimea always took away more than it gave. To hope that the Crimea with Russia will be a donor region, sort of a cash cow for the budget of Russia, could then only complete fools.

2. Second, Crimea – all-Russia health resort, a favorite place of the Russian mainland. But some Russians believe that, for example, the roads in Crimea, it should be repaired not Federal, and local authorities. Although these Russians come during the summer in the Crimea and travel the roads of the Crimea.
Let me give an analogy. Holiday village: a few families live permanently, the majority goes to the garden only on weekends. It is necessary to repair the road, and those who ride only on the weekends, they say: let them repair to those who live there permanently, and we donate money we will not. Is this normal? Not normal. All the owners of cottages must take to repair the roads.
If someone says: “In the Crimea do not go”, that’s his problem. Nobody bothers to go here.

3. Third, Russia has saved a lot of money on the black sea fleet. Very large. Not to mention the protection from the threat, NATO and others. In fact, Crimea is not so subsidized.

4. As for sanctions, they play a very indirect role in the decline of the Russian economy. Specifically this: “with Iran lifted the sanctions and cheaper oil. Sanctions over Crimea no role in the economy does not play. Moreover, severe sanctions were not, after Crimea, and after the Donbass. Sanctions over Crimea is a limit on the departure of some individuals in Europe and the United States. Therefore, to shout “over Crimea us sanctions and my salary has decreased!” – stupidly.

5. We must not forget that Crimea consumes a lot of funds only temporarily: as long as the power outage and until finally you don’t build a bridge to the Crimea. After you build the bridge, delivered to the Crimea will cost much cheaper (especially bulk and cheap construction materials such as gravel for roads), and certain types of construction works (construction of the same road) is much cheaper. And, perhaps even Crimea will cost your budget, and not to demand money from Moscow. Moreover, Moscow officials have to pay kickbacks. But while the bridge is not built, we have what we have.

6. Now will build a ring road near Feodosia. The machine could go from Kerch to Simferopol without having to enter in Feodosia. I’m sure that if Crimea remained in Ukraine, this would be the route in life wouldn’t have built: it would have been very do not need. Now such a route is needed. Not only that – it will be vital when you build a bridge. It is therefore right that they are building it now.

7. Most cry “I don’t want to allocate money for the Crimea!”, oddly enough, the rich buratinki Moscow. (Not all, but some). Sorry, but you are there in Moscow zazhralis! In Moscow you have a big salary only because Moscow holds a tax revenues from the regions: first, pay yourself a good salary, and in the regions sends a penny as a residual. Therefore, in Moscow the salary in 200 thousand, and in the regions – 20 thousand for the same functional work activities. Think about why in Finland higher standard of living than in neighboring Karelia? Because Moscow sucks all the juice from Karelia. And you lived in Finland, over which Moscow does not prevail.

And Crimea is a special region. It’s like Chechnya. We never humiliated and won’t stoop to some Moscow tyrants.

Great little Russian took Crimea home, and therefore responsible for it. As in the above quotation by Saint-Exupery.

Недовольные Крымом 

It is clear that some Muscovites deprived of a sense of responsibility over the Crimea. This is how to give birth to or adopt a child, and then to understand that Finance is not enough, if not to abandon the luxury of life. As we had previously thought.

But normal Russians welcome the return of the Crimea. And they understand that the funds that are allocated for the Crimea – is a penny in the ocean. And don’t be greedy.

They are just proud of the fact that Crimea is back in Russia, where it deserves to be.


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