Discovered the most ancient depiction of a cosmic catastrophe


Обнаружено самое древнее изображение космической катастрофыHe was embedded in the wall of an ancient house dated to 2100 BC.

In India discovered rock drawings of the cosmic phenomenon, which, presumably, was a supernova. According to the astronauts of the Tata Institute of fundamental research, which found the image, the age of the artifact reaches about five thousand years, making it the most ancient image of an exploded star.

A supernova is the final stage of life the stars, when it explodes, releasing a huge amount of radiant energy. The intense x-ray radiation continues to be emitted for hundreds and thousands of years after the outbreak.

It is noted that the piece of rock with a pattern was found in the Kashmir region in the Northwest of the Indian subcontinent. He was embedded in the wall of an ancient house dated to 2100 BC. The stone shows two bright objects in the sky, and the figures of people and animals. According to researchers, one of the glowing circles is the sun or the moon, and the other supernova.

Astronomers did a search on the databases of the supernova and found out that flash, abbreviated as HB9, had to be visible on Earth about 3600 years BC. This supernova, located in the 2600 light-years from the Sun looked like a glowing circle which the brightness is only slightly inferior to the full moon.

The figures of people and animals are, according to the researchers, the constellations that surrounded the place in the sky, which erupted HB9. So, the man with the bow of Orion, the deer — Calf, Spearman — a piece of Fish, and a dog is the Andromeda galaxy. These figures coincide with the shapes of real constellations, and the location of the glowing circle coincides with the location of the supernova.

Обнаружено самое древнее изображение космической катастрофы


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