Discovered signs of the existence of another Universe


Обнаружены признаки существования иной ВселеннойIn the cosmic radio wave background should exist anomalies.

A group of physicists, including Roger Penrose, have found evidence for conformal cyclic cosmology – theoretical model in which the distant future of the Universe is a singularity, which begins its expansion another universe.

According to researchers, fluctuations of cosmic radio-wave background, called b-modes of polarization are the result of the evaporation of black holes in a previous Universe. Preprint of article published in the repository

Conformal cyclic cosmology proposed by Penrose in 2005, which tried to explain the discrepancy between the second law of thermodynamics, according to which the entropy of the Universe should increase with time and inflation model, which assumes random selection of certain cosmological constant have led the Universe to its current state (that is, the universe at the moment of birth was more disordered).

Penrose suggested that the apparent disorder really belonged to the previous Universe with a maximum level of entropy, but only part of the state (degrees of freedom) has moved from it by the singularity of the Big Bang.

In other words, Penrose believed that the endlessly expanding universe in which all matter will turn into electromagnetic radiation, indistinguishable mathematically from a singularity, which will come into existence in the next universe. According to physics, if this hypothesis is correct, then the cosmic radio wave background should exist anomalies.

In his new work he and his colleagues have shown that such anomalies may be relict In the mode of polarization, the so – called “twists” the polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which arise due to inhomogeneities in the environment due to gravitational waves. The researchers showed that twenty-modes registered by detectors of the experiment BICEP in 2014, was evaporating supermassive black holes in a previous Universe. Time-line of these holes can be considered as a “point of Hawking”, leaving a trace of gravity in the new Universe.


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