Discovered one of the oldest copies of Homer’s Odyssey


Обнаружена одна из древнейших копий поэмы ГомераIt looks like the oldest entry of the Odyssey.

An international group of archaeologists found on the island of Peloponnese clay tablet with inscriptions, which identified the excerpt from the poem of Homer.

Experts believe that they managed to find the oldest copy of the Greek epic poem the Odyssey.

An ancient slab of clay, which is believed to refer to the third century BC, looks like 13 verses from the poem, detailing the return of the hero Odysseus to his home island of Ithaca after two decades of travel. If this date is confirmed, this will make the text the oldest entry of the epic poems of Greece.

The plate was discovered in the ancient city of Olympia in southern Greece and her research is the result of three years of work conducted by the Greek archaeological service and the German Institute of archaeology.

Excavations were conducted in the framework of the research project under the guidance of Erofili-iris Stakes, the head of the Inspectorate of antiquities of Elijah, in collaboration with German archaeologists. The Greek Ministry of culture said that the find is a major archaeological, artistic, literary, and historical exhibit.

Now most scholars believe that Homer composed his poem about the 8th century BC. Almost certainly they for many years were read aloud, and were not recorded. That is, the narrators transferred the text of the poem from generation to generation.

It remains to wait for the exact Dating of this record the poems of Homer, but in any case, it’s a fascinating example of how written texts can survive for centuries or even millennia.


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