Discovered in Mexico, the world’s largest flooded cave


В Мексике обнаружена самая большая в мире затопленная пещераThe length of the cave is 347 miles.

Scientists discovered in the Mexican state of Kintana Roo, the largest flooded cave in the world with the total length of 347 kilometers.

This discovery was made possible thanks to the work of researchers who 10 Jan managed to tie two large flooded cave system SAC-Aktun and DOS Ojos, located in the North of the Yucatan Peninsula near the town of Tulum.

According to the norms of spelunking when the two cave systems are connected, the larger ones absorb the smaller ones, the title disappears. From the two combined last week of the caves, the largest area belongs to the SAC-Aktun, so after the merger the new cave system will retain this title, respectively, the name DOS Ojos will cease to exist.

“This huge cave is the most important underwater archaeological site in the world, because there are more than hundreds of archaeological contexts, including evidence of the first settlers of America, such as the extinct fauna and, of course, the Mayan culture,” said Director of Gran Acuífero Maya Guillermo de Anda.

Previously, the record belonged to located South of Tulum underwater cave Ox Bel Ha, the length of which is 270 kilometers.


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