Discovered a new way to treat type II diabetes


Обнаружен новый способ лечения диабета второго типа

Researchers from the University kertina have developed tiny capsules that are able to affect the liver and pancreas, reducing the inflammatory consequences of diabetes of the second type.

In a study published in the journal Nature, Scientific Reports , found can tiny capsule, developed using bio-nanotechnology and filled with a combination of bile acids and human lipid-lowering drug probucol, influence the inflammatory effects of diabetes in a mouse model within six months.

Lead author Dr Hani al-Salami from the Institute of innovation research in the health field the name of Certina (CHIRI) and the School of pharmacy and biomedical Sciences at the University of Certina, reports that the tiny capsules were designed to mainly affect specific organs and improve the delivery of active agents, reducing the potential damage to other parts of the body.

Using advanced and customizable bio-nanotechnology, our team was able to create tiny capsules that protect the active drug during the process of digestion and absorption, which in turn increased the absorption of bile acids and probucol in the liver and pancreas, which are typically inflamed in diabetes, “says Dr al-Salami.

We found that nanoparticles containing bile acids and probucol, was effective in reducing blood sugar levels and diabetes-related inflammation in animals with diabetes“.

Dr al-Salami explained that the results of the research showed great promise for the future treatment of diabetes, but further studies are needed to test whether the treatment to be effective and for people.

Our study has shown a promising link between the use of bionanotechnology and tissue delivery in diabetic models. Using this advanced technology, you can reduce the progression and severity of diabetes, “concluded Dr al-Salami.


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