Discounts on luxury as Chemezov, Putin and Sechin save on taxes


Скидки на роскошь — как Чемезов, Силуанов и Сечин экономят на налогах

Owners of luxury homes — officials, top managers of state corporations, the oligarchs and the “stars” failing to pay the Treasury hundreds of millions in property taxes. The reason is the understatement of the cadastral assessment of property, which are charged payments. But the opportunity to save is only the rich — for economy-class market and the cadastral value is almost the same. Journalists found out how much the Russian budget loses on taxes, and who of the owners of luxury apartments have managed to save.

Tricks officials

The tax rate on property in Moscow range from 0.1 percent for apartments cadastral value of up to 10 million rubles to 2% for apartments of more than 300 million rubles.

If we take became widely known after investigations FBC is the apartment of the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, then it costs 5 billion. And though the head of state Corporation denies such an assessment, duplex housing, located not far from the Kremlin, cast doubt on his claims.

However, the cadastral assessment of the apartment of two components, written to his wife Chemezov Ekaterina Ignatov, about 400 million rubles. But the division into two parts allows the head of “Rosteh” pay of 1.5 percent, not 2% tax. Thus, according to the estimates of the newspaper “Interlocutor”, he lists in the budget of Moscow 6 million, not 100 million roubles, as it would be if cadastral valuation of the apartment corresponded to the market.

A five-storey apartment the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin between Ostozhenka and Prechistenskaya embankment can carry on 1229 sqm, a home cinema, a Hammam, pool and wine room. According to the cadastral value of the property is estimated at 831 million rubles, while its market price in 2,5 times more. This, according to journalists, Sechin helps to save 22 million rubles in taxes.

Apartment Finance Minister Anton Siluanov much more modest housing between the two heads of state corporations on the market it costs about 457 million rubles. At the same time, the cadastral value — a total of 98 million rubles. Located in the residential complex “St. Andrew” simanovskii of 253.8 sq. m allow him to save 8 million rubles.

Duplex penthouse of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky in the residential complex “Garden quarters” the area of 253.8 sq. m decorated on his wife. According to the head of FBK Alexei Navalny, these luxury apartments no of the head of the Ministry of culture in the world, and they are not less than 200 million roubles. But instead of 560 thousand roubles of property tax the family pays only Medina 341 thousand rubles.

According to public corruption fighters, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Olga Timofeeva could not for legal income to buy at market price in 70 million roubles apartment on ulitsa Sadovnicheskaya. Timofeeva denies the validity of such claims of the Fund Navalny. At the same time, the difference between the market and cadastral value of the apartment of the Vice-speaker allows it to save 110 thousand roubles of tax deductions.

Saving the oligarchs

A six-story mansion to Oleg Deripaska , close to Cathedral of Christ the Savior has an area of 834 sq. m. “The source” found out that recently, the penthouse has been re-arranged for the mother of the oligarch Valentina Petrovna. Cadastral value of property — 543 million rubles, and the market is about 1.5 billion rubles. Deripaska this saves on 13 million roubles.

Savings Michael Friedman on the apartments is not as striking as the owner of “Basic element” — only 383 thousand rubles. Apartment in the house where once lived Yesenin in the Bolshoi Afanasyevsky pereulok, is according to market standards 234 million rubles.

Vagit Alekperov benefits from the difference between cadastral and market assessments of two of their apartments “only” 359 thousand rubles. The real value of the apartment is 260 and 140 million rubles.

The stars of the TV screen

Singer Nikolay Baskov owns 282 sq m in the residential complex Barkli Plaza on Prechistenskaya embankment next to the mother-in-law of the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the son of former Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Vladimir Platonov. There lived not so long ago, the convicted ex-Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. The cadastral value of the apartment Baskov — 183 million rubles, and the market — half a billion. He won 9 million rubles.

Somewhat less able to keep after paying the tax on real estate colleague singer – Alla Pugacheva 5 million rubles. They stay with her due to the fact that a luxury apartment with an area of almost 304 square meters in the LCD “Filippovsky” the inventory is estimated at 180 million rubles is more than 300 million rubles at market rates.

The apartment is the famous hockey player Pavel Bure with an area of 261 sq. m is located in the residential complex “Five stars”. Its market price is about 250 million rubles, and cadastral less than 134 million rubles. The difference in tax amounts to 322 thousand rubles.

Not so long ago telemanager Tina Kandelaki owned a penthouse in 342 sq. m. Krylatsky Hills. The price of apartments, which recently moved her son from her first marriage Leontiou Kondrahina, 82.5 million rubles. The savings represented, as calculated in the publication, 81 thousand rubles.


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