Disclosed the purpose of buying the Scientologists Studio “for $50 million”


Раскрыта цель покупки саентологами телестудии "за $50 млн"

In 2015, a number of Russian media, citing the Daily Mail published the news that the Church of Scientology bought one of the oldest cinema studios of Hollywood “KCET” for $50 million. there were lots of guesses about the purpose of this purchase, and tonight the secret is out.

It’s funny that the Studio began to talk only after 4 years after its purchase, which occurred in 2011. The reason for the conversation was the rumor that actor and producer Tom cruise will head the Studio Scientology Media Productions. However, this news is pretty soon was refuted by the official representatives of the Studio, and in the night from 12 to 13 March, the Studio began broadcasting, revealing the real intent and purpose of the Studio.

Indeed, the Church of Scientology in 2011, acquired a large Studio “KCET” was founded in 1912. Today is not only the oldest film Studio of Hollywood, but also a monument of architecture. Remarkable detail is the founder of the religion of Ron Hubbard in the distant 30 – ies of the twentieth century received its first order for the script to the film from this Studio. The new name of the object – Scientology Media Productions (Scientology media center).

However, today it is not only the filming location. The complex of buildings was expanded to the whole block, and has more than 10 separate buildings. It includes a separate Studio, radio broadcast, online broadcasts, sound recordings, and administrative buildings. It is also worth noting that the claimed in 2015 media the amount of the transaction for the purchase of the Studio of $50 million and has not been confirmed by any of the parties or involved in the transaction of persons and how much money actually went it is hard to say. However, only one equipment installed over the next six years, pulling in tens of millions of dollars. So maybe the figure is close to the truth.

But what is really impressive in terms of investment, so it’s an advertisement, which went the last few days in the United States. Advertising on TV and the Internet, it’s flowers. But how do you make a huge banner in new York city, or is on the monitor in times Square, or is in the aircraft? Obviously, it is very important for the Church project, even the beginning of the broadcast was timed to the Birthday of L. Ron Hubbard – founder of Scientology. And tonight it became known, in what this importance.

The previous two days had already started the rumor that the Scientologists will launch its own TV channel. You can find it on YouTube, the Internet, television services (Apple TV, etc.), and even download a mobile app for Android or iOS. But all that was possible to see there is a countdown to the launch of the channel. No details about what will be and who will use the channel – was not.

But here, tonight, about 3 hours in Moscow, began airing and the spiritual leader of Scientology David Miscavige in a free manner, standing in a huge atrium of the main Church of Scientology (in Florida) turned to the audience with an invitation “to Know our version of the history of Scientology and look at this religion from the inside.” And immediately after that greeting, which began broadcasting this professional channel!

Different shows like “Meet a Scientologist”, where they talk not of experience or enthusiastic responses of the adherents of this religion and the stories of their lives. For example, as two Italians from childhood I was keen on motorcycles, and when he grew up, was able to resurrect one of the famous Italian motorcycle companies. Or the story of a man who delivers the best equipment for filming around the world. A simple story of an ordinary man. An ordinary Scientologist.

But this is only a small slice. Another show showing different community projects involving Scientology with other religions. A touching story about how Muslims, Christians and Scientologists together stopped the war street gangs of Englewood for several decades. The war is not in the style of “don’t you go join the party”, and a true – shooting and monthly victims.

Also announced in the program of investigative journalism, coverage of global disasters, the elimination of which involved members of the Church (as, for example, after the earthquake in Haiti, the tsunami in Japan or floods in Fiji). Place of usual advertising here is a short videos, the principles of this new religion.

Of course, this is not the first religious TV channel in Russia and in the West most major denominations have their own television channels through which appeal mainly to his flock, or conduct public preaching through television channels. Here it is noteworthy that the Scientologists position your channel as education about their religion. A number of observers, including the American media interpreted the move as a response to a series of journalistic “investigations” in which he forgot even to ask at least what they think the representatives of the Church about the charges against them. Not to mention the fact to show a different point of view or verify the statements of the attacker.

However, this is not a boring story on camera of another priest, against the wall or window. No, this is a very picture quality, great dynamic events, and facts, good computer graphics and music. One word – do a full channel, the launch of which was prepared for almost 7 years, and the first day of its broadcast impress.

Tom cruise is neither in the manual nor as a leading transmission has not been noticed, so that the media speculation was just speculation. However, one of the many questions that now have it – will there be a Cruz or other famous Scientologists at some point on this channel, and if Yes, in what capacity.


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