Disclosed the first details of Grand Theft Auto VI


Раскрыты первые подробности Grand Theft Auto VIThe developer of Grand Theft Auto VI is Rockstar Games accidentally revealed the features of the new video games when searching for developers.

When studying new jobs the company Rockstar Games, which is responsible for the release of such hit games as Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, it was revealed a few details about their future project – GTA VI. These features drew the attention of publishing PlayStation Lifestyle.

Indian division Rockstar Games has posted an ad looking for a master artist to create the virtual worlds of new generation for their future projects, and the division in new York requires a “developer of tools of new generation for the filming of motion capture”.

Based on the proposed jobs Rockstar Games is preparing a game with open world of new generation, and probably we are talking about Grand Theft Auto VI. Also, due to vacancies in different parts of the world, we can conclude that the company is involved in several projects at once, most likely on their list is The Bully 2 is a continuation of a simulator of a schoolboy who is likely to be ready by autumn 2020.

Surely Rockstar is already working on projects for next generation consoles PlayStation 5 and a new Xbox, but the details will be known only before release of the game.


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