Disclosed details of drug addiction Hitler


Раскрыты подробности наркотической зависимости ГитлераIn a new book by Norman Olera explains how to use the Fuhrer of heroin, cocaine and other drugs.

The German writer Norman Oler said that Adolf Hitler was a drug addict. His new book The Total Rush talks about the use of the führer and his entourage of various drugs – cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and morphine.

According to the author, the invasion of Nazi Germany in France it was due to the action of drugs.

Meth or methamphetamine at the time, was developed by the German company Temmler Werke. Subsequently it began to be widely used as a stimulant. Used it people of different occupations, ranging from secretaries, and ending with the actors.

Additionally, methamphetamine has become one of the ingredients of confectionery products, including chocolate. Superior chocolate manufacturer recommended the use of women in front of my housework to do everything in the shortest possible time.

Among users of pervitin were also soldiers of the German army. According to many at that time opinion in the medical community, the substance is a good cure for exhaustion. And because the soldiers suffered from them quite often, each soldier was instructed to take one tablet of the drug a day, and three or four for the night.

According to the author, it is the action pervetina the result made possible the conquest of France.

As for Hitler, he was taking much higher doses of drugs, and by the end of his life, according to the author, was a drug addict. In addition to the cocaine he had used the drug Eukodal or oxycontin, which has an analgesic effect and causes a strong euphoria.


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