Director Alexei Mizgirev said about working on the blockbuster “the Duelist”


One of the most anticipated domestic blockbusters this fall – “the Duelist” was released on the big screens on September 29. Director and screenwriter Aleksei Mizgirev said “film Industry” about how he came up with the idea to make a film dedicated to the Russian braterstwo how to create an amazing steampunk-Petersburg and how the actors approached creating their on-screen images.

Director Alexei Mizgirev said about working on the blockbuster “the Duelist”

From idea to implementation — in the “Duelist” everything is solely the plans of Alexey Mizgireva. Here he acts in two capacities: as Director and as scriptwriter. This approach is typical of film-making that values individual vision of the artist, and quite rare for films intended for a wide audience. The idea came to him unexpectedly, when he studied the dueling code.

Alexey Mizgirev said:There heard the word “replacement” and it I really liked it: the possibility of replacing one another at the time of the duel, i.e. one who was offended can stand up and defend someone who was insulted. (splice) And I thought about the fact that, in General, and the plot. Here the person stands to replace others. Maybe he or someone pays for it. And perhaps he has some personal interest. And once it begins to unfold, why he does it.”
The Director of “Duelist” Alexey Mizgirev talks about the movie
Mizgirev (by the way, a philosopher by education first) came at a genre film festival trail (more than ten years he rented uncompromising films about contemporary reality). This adventure drama — his first job with a bigger budget and historical texture, which impresses by its expressiveness and authenticity. Together with the art Director Andrey Mizgirev Pankratova has created a unique world of St. Petersburg 1860.

The Director continues:All was the outgrowth of feelings in each episode. For example, I didn’t want the duel was in the open air, I from the beginning thought that we will not have duels, like Pushkin on the Black river of grass, the shore, and something else, where they will stand in a white shirt, outstretched arms with these long guns will not be “together” all these stamps”.
Duelist. Video about filming №3: “heroes of the Duelist: Yakovlev”
In focus — play with cultural codes. Duel as the key to understanding our mentality. In the West, it was a duel of two opponents for the Russian people is something more: a fight with fate, a call to a higher power, and justice. According to Mizgirev, it’s terribly fruitful environment for any artistic expression, because it is about emotions and she was about the limit concept, about life and death. And it still has a genre package in the form of fire.

“Scrapper”. Movie about the filming of the movie
Shoot the characters on these dueling pairs of the nineteenth century. To find authentic weapons of the time, the prop guys went all over Europe. This is the main principle of Aleksei Mizgirev: each frame should cause the viewer a feeling of confidence. Pyotr Fyodorov all the tricks he played even when they dove into the icy water of the Barents sea. A real journey inside yourself committed and Vladimir Mashkov, who literally merged with his character — the sinister count by Beklemishevi.

Mizgirev said about reincarnation Mashkov:He specially grew these tanks at some point, the makeup artist has shaped their form and it was so historical, then deposited the shooting, he lived six months with this appearance, because I do not like hypocrisy, not like glued those hairs that, somewhere would have got out”.
Behind the facade of beautiful pictures and brilliant acting “Duelist” — a drama that is timeless: it’s about honor and dignity — concepts that are almost never in Vogue. Mizgirev explores the system of values professed by our compatriots half a century ago, and concludes that we have much to learn from them.

The trailer of the film “Duelist”


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