Dinner with the “meat of a prehistoric animal” in the Urals was estimated at 31 rubles


The Director of the Department of education and science of the Kurgan region Eduard Abramov collected a briefing to tell us what measures are being taken in schools after the scandal with the “meat of a prehistoric animal,” which appeared in the plates yurgamyshskiy students. In particular, he noted that at lunch each student from low-income families in the region spend an average of 31.5 rubles per day, the correspondent of “URA.RU”.

In total, according to Abramova, the budget spends 100 million rubles a year to food of disadvantaged students (those in the Urals 35% of the total number of students). The regional budget allocates 14 rubles, the remaining amount of “gather additionally” at the expense of local budgets, payments of parents, and vegetables grown in home gardens in schools. Abramov also noted that this amount is not indexed for 2014. “If you increase the amount of child support up to 100, you need to understand that we are talking about half a billion rubles,” — said Abramov.

Обед с «мясом доисторического животного» в Зауралье оценили в 31 рубль

Eduard Abramov urged the public to participate in monitoring school meals

Photo: Catherine sychkova © URA.RU


The Director of the Department also said that the investigation continues, the piece of meat, which blew up the social networks, never found. “Even if it’s fake, the problem must be addressed,” — said Abramov. He urged parents and community members to join actively monitoring the situation. Also, according to Abramova, there is no ban on phones in the dining room. On the contrary, he encouraged students to focus teachers and cooks at the lack of food.

About the strange piece of meat found in the soup the students the City previously reported “URA.RU”. Users of social networks to put forward their versions of what was offered to the children for lunch: beef lips or cheeks, the meat of a hedgehog and even a “prehistoric animal”. Later it became known that the school lunch interested investigators, prosecutors and the CPS.


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