Dinner on the pier, people fell through the floor


Обедающие на причале люди провалились под пол

In the US almost ended in tragedy evening dinner on the dock.

Typically romantic atmosphere in an amazingly beautiful areas have to continue such a pleasant stay. Visitors such atmospheric restaurants often stay there longer than they originally planned. Accordingly, additional orders give increased profits to the owners of such establishments.

However, security conditions do not always meet the expectations of customers.

This is what happened in the small town of mount pleasant.

A quiet summer evening unexpectedly ended quite outside the intentions of visitors in a mass swim. The boardwalk, used as floor, could not stand the load and broke. As a result of incident 24 persons were in the water.

They were promptly rendered all necessary help, however, injuries could not be avoided. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but the evening sure was ruined.

Originally a small margin of the floor, long-term operation without proper control or excessive burden on him eventually become the cause of the accident was not reported.


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