Digital SLR cameras found a serious vulnerability


In recent years, virus-coders, who are demanding a ransom for access to encrypted data, become one of the most dangerous threats for computer systems.

But as it turned out, a victim of this malware can be not only the computers but also digital cameras today. This conclusion was made by experts in the field of information security, reports the with reference to

In the report Check Point Software Technologies describes in detail the method of remote installation of malware on a digital SLR camera. It is noted that the standardized picture transfer Protocol is the ideal method to deliver malware: it is not authenticated and can be used as a wireless Wi-Fi connection and with a wired USB connection. The report says that people with compromised access point Wi-Fi may deploy it in place with a big tourist flow to carry out the attack. Also, the attack is feasible by infecting the user’s computer.

As evidence demonstrates live attacks for example Canon camera E0S 80D. Quickly enough, the attacker can install malicious software on the camera via a Wi-Fi connection. After that, you can encrypt all images on the SD card so the user could not access them.

The researchers say that cameras can be a tempting target for hackers: they contain personal images that most people will probably want to restore. In a real attack ransomware hacker, as a rule, requires a small amount of money in exchange for a key that decrypts the file. With high probability people will agree to pay a small amount to recover your photos and videos existing in a single copy.

Researchers have disclosed the vulnerability to Canon back in March of this year, and in may, work began on a patch. Last week Canon has released recommendations for the security for owners of their cameras. The company recommends that people avoid using unprotected Wi-Fi networks disable network features when not in use. We also recommend installing the security update for the camera itself.


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