Diet beauty: the best summer products for youth


Диета красоты: лучшие летние продукты для молодостиWe present to Your attention a few products that will help make Your skin beautiful and healthy.

All women, without exception, always want to look young, manicured and beautiful. But in order for the skin for many years was young and taut, it is necessary to properly and regularly care.

A few summer products for youth
Which foods help to maintain youthfulness? What is there to be beautiful, healthy and active always? To eat right is the most important thing.

Benefits of spinach
This product has anti-inflammatory effects, protects DNA, brain cells, heart and blood vessels from mutations and aging. Spinach contains carotenoids and betaines, as well as vitamins C and E, which revitalizes the skin and is very useful for vision. The iron in this product, prevents the formation of cellulite.

This vegetable can increase resistance to physical stress.

Nutritionists recommend eating fresh spinach add to salads, smoothies, pasta.

The product can also be added to soups, but only at the end of cooking. And it does not need to be afraid of its caloric content: only 23 calories per 100gramm product.

But if you’re going to make masks of spinach, then you suspend the aging process. By the way at an early age, too, can appear wrinkles and it can be due to the fact that the skin is dry. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition and hydration.

Performing careful skin care, you will be able to always look young. Use the following beauty recipes for this.

Nourishing mask
You will need spinach leaves, and any vegetable oil: olive, corn, sunflower.


Spinach leaves washed, dried, and then grind in a blender. 2 tablespoons of pulp add a spoonful of butter, mix everything carefully and apply on the skin. After drying rinse with water.

Hydrating mask

Spinach and milk.

How to prepare:

Slice 3 tablespoons of spinach leaves and boil them in a small quantity of milk, strain and warm sheets to put on the face for at least 15 minutes. Then with a cotton swab dipped in the remaining broth to rinse a mask off your face.

The rich celery and what are its benefits for women
Since the time of Ancient Rome beauties firmly believed in the miraculous power of this aromatic root. They believed that “the Roman parsley” can make the body attractiveness, gentleness, harmony, and face – softness and whiteness. And rightly considered, because the combination of vitamins and minerals that was specially selected and designed by nature for the preservation of youth, freshness and beauty.

But most of all stem youth like to use women who want to be slim. In its composition it contains fiber, which promotes bowel cleansing, vitamins A, b, C, E, PP, mineral salts, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and many organic acids. The celery will enhance immunity and support weight loss.

The use of celery for weight loss proven by nutritionists. This product is a low-calorie (only 16 – 18 kcal) and that it is used in various diets.

Root vegetable goes well with meat dishes, fresh vegetables, can be added to vegetable stews, and soups.

Celery soup for weight loss
2 stalks celery, 2 tomatoes, 6 onions, a small forks cabbage, 1 bell pepper – chop and pour 3 liters of water. Cook until the vegetables are tender. You can add spices to taste.

Here, take his allies celery, and you will always be in great shape and in excellent mood!

But can we consider the carrot as a product for youth?
Of course! After all, carrot is a forgotten secret of youth, beauty and longevity.

Carrots are rich in high content of carotene, which our body turns into vitamin A. and, probably, no other such vegetables which would be so much carotene in this vegetable, well, except the sweet peppers.

Due to carotene, a “vitamin of beauty”, the carrot becomes a natural cosmetic product. If you regularly consume carrot juice you will gain a healthy and youthful appearance. Carrots are also rich in vitamins C, b, E, D, potassium, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese. This product contains essential oils, enzymes, sterols, which are so necessary for our body.

So, if you want to be beautiful, healthy and energetic, eat more carrots: make it into salads, add to cottage cheese.

Grated carrots perfect side dish to meat and fish dishes.

Broccoli is the food for eternal youth
This product stimulates the metabolism, having a high content of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It helps to normalize weight and keep it after you stop dieting.

In addition, broccoli is a great tool for weight control. Eating this vegetable for food, you are going to be slim and young.


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