Died the author of the cartoon “there once was a dog” and “Winnie the Pooh” Eduard Nazarov


Soviet animator and Director Eduard Nazarov has died on 75-m to year of life in Moscow. According to TASS, he was sick a long time and he had problems with blood vessels. Even after severe operations, Nazarov continued to operate it for several years headed the international animation festival “KROK”. The most famous works of Eduard Vasilyevich became the audience favorite cartoon “there once was a dog”, “adventures of the ant”, “About Sidorov Vova”, “Winnie the Pooh” and others.

© Photo ITAR-TASS/ Alexei Druzhinin

Died the author of the cartoon “there once was a dog” and “Winnie the Pooh” Eduard Nazarov

Nazarov worked in animation since 1959, but until then, he graduated from the Stroganov art-industrial school. Started as the renderer, then worked as an assistant art Director, art Director. Few years designed books and magazines, including the well-known Soviet children’s edition of “Murzilka” and “Fun”. For 20 years he taught advanced directing courses, firing from his Studio many now famous authors. Since 2007 was the head of the Studio “Pilot”. In addition, Nazarov voiced cartoons – he gave his vote of at least two dozen characters.

Cartoon “there once was a dog”, directed by Eduard Nazarov

In recent years, Eduard Nazarov didn’t leave the house due to health problems (before he had a leg amputated), but the recognition of colleagues from among the organizers of the festival “CRIC”, was always in touch: communicate with students via Skype, gave advice, took an active part in various projects. Farewell to the Director will probably be held in the coming days, but the date of the funeral is not currently reported.

Cartoon “Journey ant”


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