Devastating tremors in Iran and Iraq: the death toll is growing rapidly


Сокрушительные толчки в Иране и Ираке: число погибших стремительно растет Devastating tremors in Iran and Iraq killed more than 70 people.

In the result of a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3, which occurred on the border of Iraq and Iran killed at least 68 people, injured about 1,000. This writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to

According to recent reports, bordering the Iraqi province of Sulaymaniyah the victims of the earthquake were 7 people, and about 150 wounded. In Iran’s Kermanshah province killed 61 people, more than 300 were injured.

Tremors were felt also in the Iraqi provinces of Erbil, Halabja and Dohuk, where Kurds live predominantly. For 20 seconds the echoes of the earthquake felt and residents of Baghdad.

Full-scale rescue operation could start only with the dawn, and yet unknown, are still people under the rubble. In General, we are talking about a sparsely populated mountainous region. Filed with the UN within a radius of 15 km from the epicenter of the quake live about 19 thousand people.


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