Detour of Russia: the US is waiting for a nasty surprise because of the sanctions Iran


Обходной маневр России: США ждет неприятный сюрприз из-за санкций Ирану

Yesterday in Washington announced the intention to impose sanctions against the Iranian oil sector, and Donald trump has called the Iran deal a “catastrophe”. However, Tehran has its own ways to bypass us restrictions, which pass through Russia and China. According to RT in Russian with reference to the American TV channel CNBC, and China is not going to stop the export of “black gold” from Iran and Russia can buy oil from Tehran, later selling it on the world market as their.

In the case of the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, Tehran is likely to first try to resolve the problem by diplomatic means, but if the American side refuses to negotiate, in the course of going alternative methods. In particular, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that soon will hold talks with Russia, China and some European Nations. On the agenda will be the question of the preservation of already signed agreements, given the US withdrawal from the transaction.

According to analysts, even if the agreements are terminated, the economic line of China against Iran will not change. Beijing is hardly in favor of eliminating the purchase of “black gold”. As an ally may also be Moscow, which is also occasionally feels the sanctions pressure from the United States. Russia will buy Iranian resource and sell it on the world market as your.

Experts also claim that Tehran is no stranger to wriggle out of the us restrictions. According to researchers from the Eurasia Group Henry Rome, for the last two years they have learned a lot, so now everything is again reduced to a game of cat-and-mouse game around the world.

Author: Svetlana Semenyuk


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