Determined the cost of TV set-top box Apple TV 4K in Russia


Latest Apple TV Apple TV 4K, announced on 12 September, that is yesterday, today got the value relevant for the Russian electronics market. Tomorrow it will be available for pre-order, and in our country it was released in two versions with different built-in memory.

In Russia, Apple TV 4K, which looks no different from the previous generation, is estimated at 13,500 rubles for a model with 32 GB of ROM, and the constant doubling of memory would entail an increase in cost to 15000 roubles, and to buy it in our country will September 22. The fifth-generation Apple TV is built on the new processor Apple A10X shown this spring, and the main competitive advantage of a novelty is support for 4K video and the display mode is HDR.

In other words, Apple has built into its console that is already there in the more affordable models from Chinese manufacturers. Users of the previous version of Apple TV after purchase, the fan is able to get previously purchased movies in Ultra HD and HDR support on a completely free basis. Recall that the last time Apple updated its console two years ago, in 2015.


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