Details anti-piracy protection of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Подробности антипиратской защиты игры Kingdom Come: DeliveranceKingdom Come: Deliverance will not use anti-piracy protection system Denuvo.

The developers of Warhorse Studios, who have already done work on the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, shared details of the protection system in your project.

In the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance every decision players entails certain consequences, thereby causing a deeper dive into the history of the game. In addition, the choices made in a specific mission or quest, will affect the further passage. Also it will depend on the attitude to the players of other characters. Even gamers will often fight to develop a lot of skills from your character and win the trust of ordinary people and even the ruling elite to accomplish his revenge in terms of the coming of the civil war.

The release of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance will take place February 13, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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