Detailed instructions for those who want to quit Smoking


Подробная инструкция для тех, кто хочет бросить куритьScientists have presented efficient methods that will help to get rid of bad habits.

Today more and more people are trying to lead a healthier life, in which tobacco does not fit.

This bad habit is not so easy to fight, but if you have the desire to quit Smoking, for these people, the experts drew up a plan of action, thanks to which they will succeed.

This manual will help you to stop Smoking even the most heavy smokers:

Have a goal, you accomplish it. Set a specific goal and write it in your diary. It is not enough just to want to quit Smoking, clear time boundaries will allow you to achieve the goal, that is, be sure to indicate for what period you will be able to completely give up cigarettes. Also, limit Smoking to a few times a day and don’t do yourself any favors, otherwise to reach the final did not succeed.

The struggle with tempters. You distance yourself from those who encourage you to smoke, but in any case, do not declare publicly that they are going to quit, so others will do everything to you nothing happened. Try to surround yourself with work or hobby that will distract you from thinking about cigarettes.

Search associates. Say that together to quit Smoking much easier also valid “argument,” winning that you will not only get rid of bad habits, but unable to cash or some other reward.

Go to the doctor. If no methods do not help you and you continue to smoke don’t want a psychologist, who, along with you will find the cause of persistent dependence and will help to get rid of it.

Work out. Active exercise requires good breathing, and if you continue to smoke, it is already on 5-th minute workout will begin to suffer from shortness of breath wild.

There are no exceptions. You could smoke a certain amount of time and then suddenly it’s a party where everyone will enjoy Smoking and drinking? If you think you can afford one day to smoke and then get back in healthy people, it is deeply mistaken. Will have to fight again. So it is better not to attend such events, where you will not be able to control myself.

And for a snack the original method, allowing once and for all to quit Smoking: every time you light it a cigarette, you inhale some very unpleasant odor, such as rotten eggs or moldy bread. As long as you feel really nasty. After 14 days, the cigarette is associated with a horrible smell that you can’t tolerate. The authors of this technique of quitting cigarettes claim that even if you stop to smell something bad smell during Smoking, the tobacco smoke will cause a person’s reaction of disgust.


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