“Despite Russophobic campaign”: the U.S. population massively buying tickets for the world Cup


"Несмотря на русофобскую кампанию": жители США массово скупают билеты на ЧМ

Fans from the United States will become the largest group of foreign fans in the forthcoming world Cup, despite massive Russophobic campaign in leading U.S. media reports on 10 April, the press service of the Russian Embassy in the United States.

“Someone in Washington is startled to see the statistics of buying tickets to the 2018 world Cup in Russia. According to FIFA, at the beginning of April, American fans bought 16 462 ticket”, — stated in the message.

The Embassy also noted that currently, American fans make up the largest group of fans that can not but rejoice.

“Despite the massive Russophobic campaign in the leading us media, and perhaps because of her interest in our country grows”, — said the Agency.

The press service added that US citizens want to see for myself how things actually work in Russia. The Embassy recalled that the state Department formally recommended to the American fans to go to the 2018 world Cup, and a number of Russian teams don’t get visas to compete in the United States.

“We see this not excessive concern about the safety of their own citizens, and the fear that a huge number of Americans and the British like Russia, its cities and the Russian people”, — said the press service.

“The challenge really is”, as a significant part of the population in the West “will stop the daily anti-Russian propaganda”.

We will remind, earlier the publication the Telegraph, citing senior American officials warned American and British fans planning to visit the world Cup in Russia, “think twice”, as in the case of an accident the Embassy will help them to a lesser degree.


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