Designers presented high-quality renders of the new creation Tesla


Дизайнеры представили качественные рендеры нового творения TeslaTesla will get a Semi sliding doors typical of cargo vans and minibuses.

Recent spy shots of the Tesla electric Semi truck (as well as news of the postponement of the announcement) has inspired designers to create higher quality renderings which allow not only to consider the future novelty from all angles, but also to compare it with earlier versions as well as a competitor in the person of Nikola hydrogen One. In the case of the Tesla Model Y view only one, but it provides a preliminary assessment of the compact crossover of the brand.

So, on the basis of lack of door handles model authors suggested that Tesla will get a Semi sliding doors typical of cargo vans and minibuses.

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Дизайнеры представили качественные рендеры нового творения Tesla

Also very interesting is the comparison with the renderer, which drew winter this year. The previous version differed considerably larger area of glass cockpit, but at the same time close to the classic form of the hull. Admittedly, the last creation at least more aerodinamico, in addition, the lack of ornate exterior will simplify production. It should be recalled that we are still talking about business models where design is not in first place in the list of main characteristics.b

Дизайнеры представили качественные рендеры нового творения Tesla

Render the compact crossover Tesla Model Y created based on the official teaser, the real “road” leaks have not been, which is not surprising as the premiere model is scheduled for 2019. If you believe this image, the designers Elon musk just slightly “inflate” the sedan Model 3, adding the passengers of the useful volume.

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The main thing that catches the eye — the absence of doors “Falcon wings” that facilitate access to their seats passengers in the rear seats. The rejection of this catchy and functional, but fairly expensive solution can indeed reduce the complexity of the design and a price tag of Model Y, so that it can only be welcomed. Fans “wings” to choose the Model X, but the rest just happy a lower cost, which according to rumors will match the price tags fellow model range Model 3 — $35 thousand

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