Dermatologists told about the unique properties of tar soap


Дерматологи рассказали об уникальных свойствах дегтярного мылаHis use was known by our ancestors.

Groupies alternative cosmetology know a tool such as coal-tar soap. Soap has strong antiseptic properties, destroys harmful bacteria in the skin layers, strengthens blood flow to the capillaries.

Soap allows you to quickly disinfect and heal minor skin damage to get rid of them. There’s a new wave of interest in various folk remedies, and many women are wondering what exactly is harmful and helpful is soap, what it is used?

Tar soap helps to suspend the inflammation and the formation of suppuration in the skin, to get rid of itching. Dermatologists recommend using this soap with abrasions and dry skin.

Good help is soap with various fungal infections, herpes, psoriasis. Soap is wet-foamed. Foam is applied on the affected area. Hold for a few minutes. Then wash away. In psoriasis the skin becomes rough at the skin layer appears a lot of flakes of dead skin. After the first application of tar soap on the skin is noticeably softer.

Regular use of tar soap is an excellent prevention of the emergence of blackheads and acne. If twice a day to wash with this soap, no acne on the face will not. It is only necessary to note that this soap dries the skin, so you must also use moisturizer.

Use tar soap for hair care. This soap is especially recommended for women with oily hair. Helps this soap with such an unpleasant problem as lice.

Contraindications to the use of tar soap is almost there. Very rarely on this soap is, some people are allergic, felt a slight burning sensation on the skin, but much harm it brings.


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