Deputy Minister of health of Bashkortostan has asked patients not to be Intrusive


Замминистра здравоохранения Башкирии попросил больных не быть назойливыми

In the Republican Ministry of health held a meeting of inhabitants of Bashkiria, suffering from pulmonary hypertension, and the first Deputy health Minister Rafael Yapparov. Needy citizens promised to provide necessary medicines and asked me to be patient.

Everything came to a meeting with the officials require costly drugs which affect their lives. A supply of medication in Bashkiria increasingly intermittent. According to one of the participants, the right tool she was given last January 30, and another drug in September 2017. Instead of another drug belatedly gave him a cheaper equivalent (generic), but the woman’s condition deteriorated sharply. She asked me to replace it, but got nothing.

Similar stories from all the participants, who went to claim that they are obliged to predostavlyat.

Experts of the Ministry of health informed that the delay in provision of medicines caused by protracted procurement procedures and lack of funding.

Surprised the participants response, the Deputy Minister of health, who said that he needs medications but will not to ask. Therefore, he does not quite understand the motives of those who comes and asks.


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