Deputies of the state Duma fed space food


Депутатов Госдумы накормят космической едой

On the fifth floor of the state Duma next to the buffet machine appeared with food for astronauts. On Tuesday, September 13, RIA Novosti reported.

As told to the Agency staff canteen, camera with unusual products were installed on Monday, September 12. In the cupboard were not able to explain why in the lower house of Parliament, a space food.

MPs, staff and visitors of the state Duma proposed to buy soups, main dishes and desserts. In particular, it is possible to try soup, chicken with prunes and cottage cheese with blackcurrant puree. The price of each tube is 300 rubles.

Outer nutrition products, specially created and processed for consumption by the pilots of the spacecraft. Basically this is a very hearty, nutritious meal of meat and vegetables in a convenient storage in low gravity environments of manned spacecraft packaging.


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