Depression in men reduces the chances of pregnancy in women


Депрессия у мужчины снижает шансы забеременеть у женщины

According to a new study, among couples who are treated for infertility, depression in men is associated with lower chances of pregnancy in women.

The study showed that couples in which a partner suffers from severe depression, 60% less likely to conceive and have a child than couples in which men do not have this disorder. On the other hand, depression in women had no effect on the birth rate.

In addition, the scientists found that taking antidepressants known as selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake (SSRI), was also associated with a higher risk of early pregnancy loss among women receiving infertility treatment.

However SSRIs were not associated with pregnancy loss. No depression in women or the use of any other class of antidepressants were not associated with lower likelihood of pregnancy.

The researchers analyzed data from 1650 1608 women and men to assess the potential impact of depression on couples seeking fertility treatment without IVF. Among women of 5.96% had active major depression, compared with 2.28 percent of men.

The results of the study showed that women using non-SSRIs, had a 3.5 times higher probability of loss of pregnancy in the first trimester, compared to women who do not use antidepressants.


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