Dentists told, whether cheese is good for teeth


Стоматологи рассказали, действительно ли сыр полезен для зубовCheese can protect against tooth decay.

In the study, Indian doctors have discovered a product that is able to protect the teeth of children and adults from tooth decay.

A new experiment, Indian scientists have shown that eating cheese can help prevent tooth decay in children and adults.

This study involved 75 volunteers ranging in age from 12-16 years. The experts assessed the level of acidity pH in the oral cavity of the subjects before and after consuming cheese, milk or yogurt without sugar. A pH level lower than 5.5 increases the risk of dental erosion and destruction of tooth enamel. If the pH is more than 5.5, according to scientists, the risk of tooth decay significantly decreases.

Participants in the experiment were divided into 3 groups, each for three minutes followed to eat a certain category of products. The first group ate cheese, the second drank milk and the third is unsweetened yogurt. Important rule after the meal was rinsing the mouth with water. The scientists measured the level of acidity of each of the volunteers after 10, 20 and 30 minutes after a meal.

As a result, two groups of participants consuming milk and unsweetened yogurt, there were no changes in pH, but those subjects who ate cheese, it was revealed a rapid increase in pH in 10, 20 and 30 minutes after a meal. Thus it was found that this cheese has antitireoidnye properties.

Indian experts notice that increase of level of acidity after eating hard cheese can be associated with an increase in salivary flow from chewing. And that’s not all, the various compounds found in cheese may remain on the tooth enamel and protect teeth from exposure to acid.

Be healthy and take care of teeth!


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