Dentists have named the main causes of dental caries


Стоматологи назвали главные причины развития кариеса Physicians explained why teeth are destroyed.

Brush your teeth twice a day and rinse your mouth after every meal is a rule, as “twice two”, must know and observe people today.

Not all listen to the recommendations of dentists, but because 9 out of 10 people have dental caries and other dental problems.

Going to the dentist for the vast majority of people – it’s terrible that prefer to avoid all crook, and the doctor only get a sharp pain when the tooth fell apart and exposed the nerve.

To understand why the hard tissue of the teeth begin to break down, doctors said the main instigators of this phenomenon:

Poor nutrition. If your menu of grilled meat and baking more than fresh fruit and vegetables, then soon you may face tooth decay and not only.

Chronic diseases of the digestive system can also affect the condition of the teeth. Also, dentists say that tooth decay develops due to somatic ailments.

When the body is in a state of stress. Cavities can be formed after the person is starving or sitting on a strict diet or had surgery.

Hereditary factor is also the place to be, but in this case, doctors advise to be more attentive to their health and to protect teeth from an early age, especially if mom and dad had problems with his teeth.

Lack of or improper cleaning of the teeth leads to the formation of dental plaque and caries develops.

The lack of rinse the mouth after meals , teeth accumulate carbohydrate residues, provoking the destruction of tooth enamel.

Violation of the dentition can cause tooth decay and gum disease, so the curvature of the teeth or malocclusion must be treated immediately, not when there is time, money, and so on.

To avoid dental problems and ill-fated caries, which destroys them, you need every six months to visit the dentist, to care for the oral cavity is to brush your teeth morning and evening, floss, rinse your mouth after eating, try to eat more fresh produce.


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