Dentists dispelled popular myths about dental health


Стоматологи развеяли популярные мифы о здоровье зубовIs it possible to treat teeth pregnant, as the health of the teeth affects tooth paste ruin teeth braces and whether or not white means that your teeth are healthy?

There are some myths about dental health and mouth, but as it turned out, according to the results of medical research, they do not correspond to reality.

About it writes the edition Wonderzine, which appealed in particular to the results of scientific research and debunked the most common myths about dental health.

Dangerous pregnant dental treatment

The myth that pregnant women dangerous to go to the dentist for a long time. Now, however, all the experts are inclined to believe that to engage the teeth during pregnancy need, special attention. So, due to the hormonal changes during this period often gingivitis – swelling and bleeding gums.

According to scientists, local anesthesia is safe both for the woman and for the fetus, it does not contribute to miscarriage, the appearance of congenital defects, preterm birth, or insufficient weight of the newborn. The main thing – to inform the dentist about the pregnancy, so he picked the right drug. X-rays of your teeth, if properly performed, is also considered a safe procedure, and professional dental hygiene during pregnancy need to do at least once.

Pasta does nothing for the health of your teeth

Almost 100% of the adult population ever complained about black spots in the teeth, or caries, but the main reason for this phenomenon – lack of good hygiene, it is important not only to clean the teeth and help enamel make up for the lost minerals.

Indeed, scrape plaque from your teeth and brush with water, but the paste still help to do it, for example, dissolving the bacterial membrane enzymes that enter into their composition. Also important is the fact that toothpaste contains fluoride, and it makes the teeth more resistant to acids and prevents the development of caries.

By the way, now it is believed that rinsing the mouth immediately after brushing it is not necessary – it is better to give the fluoride to work.

Breath speaks of the problems with the stomach
Every fourth person on earth complaining about bad breath, halitosis (medical name) is the third most common cause of treatment to the dentist (after dental caries and gum disease).

According to doctors, the causes of halitosis are divided into two groups: associated and not associated with the oral cavity, however in 90% of cases bad breath occurs because of local problems: poor hygiene, caries and periodontitis.

Often this problem can occur due to food debris between the teeth, while caries this has added to the smell of waste products of bacteria and organic tissue that is destroyed, so the problem is solved in the dentist chair.

Braces spoil the enamel

Teeth after braces require special care, so just to clean them is not enough – you need to floss or an irrigator, special orthodontic brushes, and brushes, to avoid certain foods (e.g., firm apples, nuts, or butterscotch), and after each meal it is desirable to rinse your mouth with water.

If you do not follow these recommendations, chances of tooth decay or gingivitis be much higher. However, this fault is not the braces themselves, and the fact that they require special attention. After the use of braces your dental health will improve greatly: is straight the teeth can be cleaned better, are less prone to caries and periodontitis, they are better distributed load. The thickness of the enamel braces is also not affected, as confirmed by numerous studies.

Whiter the teeth the better

Studies show that a large number of people are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth and the white teeth seem to them not only attractive but also healthier. In fact, the range of shades healthy teeth ranges from grayish to yellowish. It affects and the tint and transparency of enamel and dentin, which lies beneath it. All the shades are determined genetically, so even the cleanest teeth can be more white for some people than others.

In addition, with age, the enamel is gradually erased and dentin to Shine through stronger, so teeth darken. Also on the surface of the enamel has formed a bacterial film that is colored, especially from Smoking, coffee, red wine and the like. To keep the enamel smooth and radiant helps regular professional cleaning, thanks to which just removed the painted plaque.

If you want to make teeth even brighter, you come to the aid of whitening or you can cover the teeth with ceramic veneers, but even after these procedures, your teeth will not be white as snow or a sheet of paper.


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