Dentists called the possible causes of excessive tooth sensitivity


Стоматологи назвали возможные причины чрезмерной чувствительности зубовWith this information, you will be able to eliminate the problem of tooth sensitivity.

Ice cream should be fun. In the same way as hot coffee. But if you have sensitive teeth, the pain makes any pleasure from food and drinks in the flour. Tooth sensitivity is a sign that your mouth has a problem, which is worth paying attention to. Read on to learn more about common causes of tooth sensitivity and how to solve them, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to


According to the American dental Association (ADA), the enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, cover your crown (of the teeth above the gum line). It must protect the sensitive inner part of the teeth, of the factors that can cause the most sensitivity. Similarly, the bone, called the cement, protect the roots of your teeth, which are located inside the pulp with a large number of nerve endings, blood and lymph vessels.

In the condition known as erosion of teeth enamel and the cement can be damaged. Ultimately, this can jeopardize the underlying tooth dentin, which is a tissue that contains hollow channels called dentinal tubules. When this occurs, the dentinal tubules allow hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and drinks to penetrate to the nerves and cells inside your teeth, leading to calling a shudder of pain.

ADА reports that erosion of the teeth usually occurs when an excess of acid (for example, due to soda, acid reflux or frequent vomiting) eventually damages your teeth. If the process is started, stopping it is almost impossible, so it is recommended to take care of their teeth in advance, avoiding acidic drinks or at least using a straw when possible.

Other recommendations of the organization focused on what dairy products such as milk and yogurt can help to prevent erosion because of the content of calcium and phosphate. With this goal, the ADA recommends drinking milk with acidic food or drink and gargle milk after you got sick. Rinse the mouth also with water. However, if you regularly experience nausea for any reason, you should seek help from a doctor.

The ADA also recommends that you wait an hour after you eat or drink something acidic and then brush teeth with a toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste. It will give your saliva some time to protect the teeth and to remove acid and fluoride toothpaste will help to reinforce this effect.

If the enamel, ultimately, will be destroyed, your dentist may apply a paste or sealer to help restore the destroyed area. However, it is better to do everything possible so that it did not come.


According to the Mayo clinic, the cavity also known as tooth decay, are small holes on the surface of your teeth. It can occur because of plaques, which accumulate bacteria, eating foods and drinks that you consume. If plaque is not removed through brushing and dental floss, it can create small holes in your enamel.

Experts say that without timely treatment, dental caries can actually drill through the enamel of your teeth and reach the dentin, which will lead to unpleasant sensations and increased sensitivity teeth. If this is the reason of sensitivity, the dentist will need to take action to solve this problem.

The only way to ease the pain is to mechanically restore the defect. If you find tooth decay early enough, your dentist can check it using the fluorination liquid, gel, foam or varnish. Otherwise, you may need a filling, a root canal treatment or dental crown, depending on how serious the damage is.

In some cases, may even require complete removal of the tooth, but this prospect is unlikely, if you go to your dentist as soon as felt the first unpleasant symptoms.


Your gums have an important function: to fix the teeth in one place. But sometimes, a condition called gingival recession, leads to the fact that the gums recede, making the teeth more sensitive.

Contribute to recession of the teeth can by several factors, including gum disease, excessive brushing, brushing too hard toothbrush, Smoking and even genetics.

Treatment, gum recession, and ultimately depends on the cause, but using a softer toothbrush (or a more delicate cleaning) can prevent or relieve this condition. In critical cases may require tissue grafting of the gums in which the dentist takes a thin piece of gum tissue from one place and transplant it to the place where your gums have receded.


A cracked tooth can expose the pulp of your tooth, soft fabric with lots of nerves and blood vessels, making it open to irritants. One of the main signs of this condition is a sharp pain during a bite. Increased sensitivity may also be one of the symptoms.

Experts warn that chewing of solid foods, mechanical damage, and just the presence of brittle teeth can lead to cracking.

If your tooth is cracked, a dentist may try to fix the problem using bonding (place substance called composite resin to the crack) or root canal treatment to remove infected tissue. If you suffer from bruxism (staple or knock teeth), you may have to wear a special mouth guard at night to prevent possible negative consequences.


Perfect white teeth is not the only thing you can get after a session of bleaching. Sometimes whitening causes tooth sensitivity. If you resort to this procedure only before important events or a few times a year, you can avoid this side effect. But if you do the procedure regularly, using too aggressive for your teeth or doing the professional bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, the enamel on your teeth can wear down.

ADA informs you that you are to cope with the effects of bleaching will help desensitizing toothpaste that blocks the transmission of sensations from the surface of your tooth to the nerve. If despite the use of such a paste, the discomfort continues, contact your dentist. He will apply a sealant to block access to these tubules, and then you will be able to enjoy hot drinks, sweet desserts and other causing sensitivity products without pain and discomfort.


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