Dentists called the main mistakes in dental care


Стоматологи назвали главные ошибки, допускаемые при уходе за зубамиThe doctors suggested how to care for your teeth so they stay white and healthy as long as possible.

From childhood we are taught to care for their teeth, but despite this, almost 90% of people there are various diseases of the gums and teeth. What’s the matter?

Dentists claim that the fault is the improper care and the banal ignorance of the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity, as well as the acceptance of the same mistakes.

Consider the most popular mistakes made in the care of the teeth:

– the use of too soft or, on the contrary, hard brushes, which clean the full surface of the teeth or injure the surface;

– whitening in the home can lead to damaged enamel of the teeth and, consequently, tooth decay;

– the use of hot and cold food at the same time, the same goes for drinks – you can’t eat ice cream and drink his coffee;

– refusal of dental floss and opting toothpicks, which are not able to clean the gaps between teeth like floss, only to injure the enamel;

– brushing your teeth more than 2 times per day, or its complete absence – in this and in another case damaged enamel, developing cavities, unpleasant mouth odor, and so on;

– visit to the dentist only when it hurts some tooth suggests that you are careless about the health of their teeth;

– ignoring bleeding gums, which can turn into more serious problem such as periodontal disease, and loosening and then loss of teeth.

Perhaps some of the common mistakes of dental care and tolerate you, but now you have a real opportunity to change things for the better and to prevent the destruction of their teeth.


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