Demi Lovato head first “plunged” into gay life


Famous American singer and actress was captured in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

Saturday morning in the company of friends she left Warwick nightclub around 2:30. This picture suggests that after six years of right living, she returned to old habits.

Last month 25-year-old demi Lovato has released a new song Sober, rewarded for short-term popularity, admitting that after six years of “ties” she has had a relapse, in which the girl was again drawn to alcohol and drugs.

For a hike in the club, the singer chose a casual outfit consisting of tight black pants and denim jacket, adding a set of silver sandals on a thin stiletto heels and a clutch bag to match. Curly hair and bright evening make-up completed the image of sexy beauty.

According to sources, demi Lovato head first “plunged” into gay life, breaking off ties with family, staff of the rehabilitation centre, the CAST and friends who are not addicted to alcohol and drugs. The singer even sacked his loyal Manager Phil MacIntyre, who has long worked with her.


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