Demand and prices for new year tours showed that the middle class has become poorer and the elite richer


Спрос и цены на новогодние туры показали, что средний класс стал беднее, а элита — богаче

Rising prices for new year tours in the premium segment and high demand for them demonstrate that the “welfare of the Russian elite all is well.” The number of bookings of tours and mid-price segment suggests that the middle class is impoverished, told reporters the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze at the press center “Rosbalta”.

According to experts, the most active were booked and sold in the cheapest and most expensive Christmas tours, and, since September, when opened the program early booking.

“In the premium segment, we are seeing increased prices in contrast to the budget options in the medium price range, where prices are in the currency since last year practically has not changed. Expensive segment increased by about 5-8%. Price growth in this segment suggests that welfare from premium all is well. With the middle class harder. The demand for new year tours showed that the middle class is getting poorer”, — said Lomidze.


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