Deep autumn deep in the floodplain


Of painful reflection I gave a call to friend who offered to go deep into understand, check out some secret places before freeze-up. I said Yes without hesitation, took a tackle for fishing on minigig and the box with light in the range of 5-10 grams lures.

To uncover the spinning decided where last time fishing was finished. This place is one of Erik flocking some small sleeves, and bottom topography and the outlines of the coasts are very diverse. The most interesting thing in this place is somehow going to, probably, the whole fry-fingerlings, which could be Erica. Everywhere you look, on the water surface a carpet are the little dash, that fan out at the approach of any fish, including perch. Probably, for this reason perch caught were refused. Jig bites were not, and in a Wobbler at the first ticinovic the jerks on the tees were hung garlands of these fry. Pike the morning also didn’t pay any attention to us.

Igor remained in the most promising spot and started experiments with “rubber”, and I spent 30 or 40 minutes for the exploration of the reservoir. Eric walked around, went round the bend, fishing on the seemingly most “smokin ‘” where, if I were a bass, would definitely someone watched! Back to Igor with the intention to spend a half an hour searching catchability bait, and go on to look for productive locations. Talking to him, I automatically threw and literally at the first posting felt obvious bite! The next cast brought a pike of just over a kilogram. This is interesting, Igor does all of the bites was not! When I dragged the second pike, which due to the substandard size quickly released, the doubts disappeared. Fish caught either the beginning or my bait came prefer.

– Did you catch what kind of tires?
– For the fourth set, but to no avail. And you?
And I’m still on the black porolono…
– Interesting! I have to dark colors still turn never came.

Igor set Twister deep purple color, and he immediately began the pike bite, as if someone had a secret switch. Surprisingly, I caught a fairly large pike, when compared with the average weight of the jacks in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. The first bell that in Erice there is a decent specimen of pike, rang catching a pike on 2220 g. Hard to forget such figures, even harder to forget the fight that she gave to the shore. But the chance to break her there was absolutely. Bait was protected with an iron leash, and porolone deeply stuck in his throat.

After 30 minutes it became clear to us that the pike with the first autumn cold has slipped into a hole and was waiting quietly for the winter. All attempts to find pike in other places Erik has not brought not a single bite. Although I do not like to catch in one place, pike and released from the angle that I have chosen. I was sitting quietly, his legs dangling, enjoying the fall, listening to Igor for Bush again someone “parks”, and methodically fished the waters available. I don’t know why I with a large pike was more fortunate. In my haul were two that got over 2 kilos. Such Akhtuba to catch an honor, and even more so in Erice!

Fishing on the edge

Another of floodplain fishing, deposited in my memory – this is another attempt to fish for perch on Erica Elevator. The passenger was found quickly – the old man fishing, retired. Neither of us wanted to get up early because of the risk to meet with sleet. Knowing about night-frosts, we do not want to get on the water by dawn.

The ice on Elevator stood, but only for small places. All deep space rippled open water. A weak breeze, the sun lazily makes its way through a veil of clouds, ice edge serenely walking crows. I tied her favorite black foam fish, Herman – white, and we broke up at convenient places. Bite began immediately. I first began to sh in the place where he had caught a few perch, but the point remained silent. Only one small perch lazily held the bait, slowly poked her nose at the coast, and that’s all. Weird. Oh, and perch and small pike there it was – a dime a dozen.

Shifted farther to the turn, exploit all of Erik from coast to coast. Thin braided cord and a light spinning rod allowed me to easily dobesilate 9-gram load parolantoj under the opposite shore. And here’s a nibble! Yeah! So it’s not so bad today?! The second bite was even angrier first. I’d like to believe that it is walleye, but an unfortunate gathering gave me to verify this. Well, it’s time for this place to put my favorite retired. It the old catch, retractable, he needs room to throw.

I moved a little further and immediately felt the presence of a network of peaceful fish in the water. This is when during a fall the burden falls on something living, and the tip of the spinning throws the light touch of the wobbles. So the predator must be somewhere nearby! Continue to sh in this place and very soon cling polukilogrammovy carp hook over the upper fin. Illusions that I caught the walleye, I have not fed. It was clear from the beginning that someone accidentally zabarella.

At this time, my friend frantically did the cutting, and now in his hands the first perch! We simultaneously came up to our car, got the bags and briefly, but very eloquently told each other experienced the first moments of the strikes.

When I caught a decent pike, a pensioner in the bag already jumped a couple of perch. Well, my mission is, as they say, finished. We decided to continue fishing for up to 2 hours, and if bites more will not be – to spend the rest of the day to explore. I went on a visit to the bass. There is an interesting twist Erik contraction, which under opposite coast sticking out of the water a beautiful root. The left and right of it a week ago, bass was caught like a machine gun. Only here with the my Bank froze the ice landfast ice with a width of five meters. Oh, there were, not was. Well, let will tear off a couple of porolone, but I really want to understand, there are perch in this place or not? Because as soon as the first ice, able me to withstand, I first plan to come here.

Yes! Perch is! First I got to the left of the driftwood. Bass sat well with bite. When she took him to the icy rim – started the circus. Braid propylene itself a groove in the thin ice, and the perch, tumbling, began to beat his head on the bottom on the ice. Try or not I decided to help him out, weakened line, the bass dived deep and with overclocking struck the edge of the ice and fell on him, coasting gliding to my feet. Funny fishing! In this manner I have caught 4 perch and one small pike. The latter is easier to broke the ice, maybe because of its strength and elongated body. Comrade has not esclavos. Maybe we would have caught more on a pair of Rabeh, if I had stayed there until the evening, but the exploration of new places – also a very important lesson to him, and we spent the rest of the short day.


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