Declassified documents of the KGB that hid a unique discovery


Рассекречены документы КГБ, скрывавшие уникальное открытие The materials is confirmed by conducting experiments for the search of the human soul.

Declassified documents confirm that the experiments on the temporary separation of soul and body in the Soviet Union carried out much sooner than this issue was investigated by Swiss doctors.

Dr. Olaf Letterhead from Switzerland taught 43-year-old patient to “go out” from one’s own body and to return back. The experience became part of a progressive treatment of epilepsy and required sophisticated technical equipment. Experiment revolutionised European medicine. But later it turned out that the doctor’s Letterhead spent it won’t be the first did in the USSR.

Researcher Andrey Soloviev discovered in the archives of the KGB documentation speakspeaker “Astral projection”. In the course of the experiment a participant with alleged psychic abilities was to demonstrate the separation of the soul from the body. What is the secret hiding recently declassified materials of the experiment?

“In the documents was a memo of the resuscitator by the name Starchenko, – says the researcher. – He watched the instruments and as subject to – if that – to return in the literal sense of the word soul in the body. He recorded the cardiac and the energy cluster, separated from the body…»


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