Declassified design electric Mercedes EQC


Рассекречен дизайн электрического Mercedes EQCThe new electric crossover Mercedes EQC is even possible to drift.

All have been waiting for the new electric crossover Mercedes EQC! We have to wait only six months before the start of European sales.

What’s it like to drive in the first all-electric car of the German brand – Mercedes EQC? The company has put a lot of effort to create this car. Is he ready to compete against competitors and to demonstrate its benefits?

InsideEVs has already tested the novelty. However, while the Mercedes is not in a hurry to trust your vehicle third-party test pilots, so few tests are carried out under the guidance of experts. However, even they sometimes allow themselves to be dispersed, showing a maximum dynamic performance of the new electricross. If anything, the Mercedes-Benz EQC is even possible to drift!

During the tests in the first place noted the smoothness and comfort that are inherent in the models of the German brand. Largely this was achieved through the use of a familiar framework. The Mercedes electric car is based on the platform of C-class and the GLC crossover. Of course, it is modified for the heavier electric cars (2425 kg), but working with familiar components in the shortest time possible to complete the development.

Through this approach, in the future, as quickly you can vary the amount of crossovers, which, incidentally, will be assembled on the same line as Mercedes GLC and C-class at the German plant in Bremen.

Acceleration to 96 km/h takes only 4.9 s. Such dynamics was achieved thanks to the use of two electric motors with a total capacity of 408 h. p. However, it is assumed that most of the time will only work the front of the engine, which is responsible for the maximum range of average loads.

Even at high speeds the interior is called very quiet. However, Mercedes-Benz say that production samples will get even more comfortable with the acoustic point of view the interior due to the modified glasses that are not yet installed on pre-production samples.

Official figures of the range of mileage from Mercedes based on data WLTP and indicate a 400 km After certification by the EPA, this number will undoubtedly be lower, so the experts expect the verdict of 350 km. However, during a recent trip reported on the passed 365 km, while the electric system showed 7% charge remaining.

AKB can accommodate up to 110 kW fast charging mode that lets you recharge the battery (80 kWh) 10% to 80% in about 40 min. This is called the main drawback of the model, after all, the Audi e-tron quattro and the upcoming BMW iX3 able to charge at 150 kW. Mercedes explained that a more powerful charger is required only for larger battery capacity, but for EQC 110 kW fast charging mode is more than enough. Then so be it. But maybe after the release of its major rivals on the market, the company will think about a more comfortable offers?

The first new Mercedes EQC will receive European buyers in June of this year. After the US market will have to wait about 7-8 months.

Рассекречен дизайн электрического Mercedes EQC
Рассекречен дизайн электрического Mercedes EQC
Рассекречен дизайн электрического Mercedes EQC
Рассекречен дизайн электрического Mercedes EQC


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