Debunked the popular myth about the treatment of gastric ulcers


Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said that diet ulcer is not necessary.

Co-host of the TV program on health “About the main thing” Alexander mjasnikov has told about how it really is affected by food in stomach ulcers, according to the with reference to

In particular, the expert commented on the action of milk for my ulcer. It is considered that drinking milk helps with ulcers, but actually it is not noticed butchers. According to him, contained in the milk proteins just, on the contrary, contribute to the enhanced secretion of the stomach. Well, if after drinking milk from ulcer should not have a problem with this on is to use milk as the assistant of these categories of patients should not.

Coffee. Its use is often associated with an increased risk of ulcers. But Alexander Myasnikov said: coffee is able to provoke in humans heartburn, but the ulcers coffee has no effect.

Also, according to the doctor, you don’t need to listen to the advice that the ulcer should eat fractional and small portions.

“Frequent meals ulcer only contributes to a more active secretion of the stomach and makes the situation worse,” — said Myasnikov.

Strongly disagree the doctor and with the theory that the ulcer should take vegetable oil – a tablespoon two or three times a day. He stressed that the health benefits from such procedures are not proven completely.

Alexander Myasnikov stated: stomach ulcer – a disease infectious nature, its development is associated with the activation of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Help to ensure that the body does not trigger protection from the bacteria that can factors such as taking pain medications, Smoking, age and heredity. The use of some individual products in this list are not included. Butchers noticed that people with ulcers do not need to follow a strict diet.


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