Debunked the most popular myths about cancer brain


Развенчаны наиболее популярные мифы о раке мозгаOncologists told the whole truth about cancer of the brain, refuting the mistaken belief that somehow people believe.

Brain cancer is one of the worst for people disease. Statistics of mortality from cancer of the brain suggests that this fear is not groundless.

There are two types of brain cancer:

1) Primary – when the tumor develops exclusively in the brain tissue.

2) Secondary is metastasis to the brain, and the primary malignancy may develop in another organ, such as in the chest or lungs.

These myths about brain cancer many people still believe:

Myth 1 – the tumor appears in the brain after a head injury. In practice, oncologists have not diagnosed a malignancy, which would have been previously injured.

Myth 2 – cancer of the brain is inherited. Oncologists say that the chances of brain cancer in people whose relatives are healthy, or once had cancer, the same.

Myth 3 – the tumor in the brain appear in the elderly. In fact, brain cancer can strike children and young people, and adults, and the elderly. Clear separation of the people falling in the risk group by age, no.

Myth 4 – smart phones provoke the development of brain cancer. This myth, despite the refutation of scholars continues to exist. For all the years of smartphones, the relationship with cancer of the brain was not found.

Myth 5 – the dark hair could easily cause a malignant tumor in the human brain. This statement is also the place to be, but it has nothing to do with reality. Hair dye can cause brain cancer.

Tell it like it really is, will be able only a professional doctor, so don’t listen to General opinion about cancer of the brain, because it may be wrong.


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