Debunked myths about beer that many people still believe


Развенчаны мифы о пиве, в которые многие до сих пор верятThe doctors explained how actually beer consumption affects human health.

Beer is one of the most common soft drinks consumed by both men and women, and some even give it to children. In the society’s a lot of misconceptions about this drink, so the doctors have created a ranking of the most popular myths about it:

1. Beer is not fattening. The beer lover vengeance to defend its utility and argue that it is impossible to gain weight. In fact, the culture of drinking beer in our country is – to a glass of heady beer people buy the dried, salted fish, burgers, crackers, nuts and other products, in which a huge amount of salt, check the fluid and contribute to swelling. If you drink beer rarely and not eat it, then maybe your figure will remain the same.

2. Big belly grows in men is not because of the beer. Composed of light and dark beer contains plant analogue of estrogen – the “female sex hormones”, of course, men it will not harm, but only if you drink beer once a week in an amount of 0.5 L. In the case when beer is used daily, and even gallons, then the excess in the blood of men of estrogen can lead to growth of the abdomen and breast enlargement, and even to a weakening of potency.

3. Alcoholic beer lover can not become. How! The dependence of the beer develops the same strong, like vodka, is only for some time regularly consumed this beer. If still someone thinks that beer does not, then try to make the person drink a day 1-2 liters of beer, just drink a drink a couple of days. You can? It is unlikely, in many cases with beer alcoholism begins but later come into play more than other spirits and people simply drink too much.

4. In dark beer, add alcohol. In fact, manufacturers do not use alcohol in the preparation of any beer. To increase degrees in beer they are adding more yeast and slightly change the recipe.

5. Beer in keg is tastier and healthier that is in the bottle. Perhaps this is true, but we should not forget that the bottle you open and drank its contents, and the keg a few days can be open and you will get a portion of it is not quite fresh beer.

In any case, beer is an alcoholic beverage, this means that it is often used in large quantities is unhealthy and dangerous.


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