Death day: it has become known, most often when people die


Смертный день: стало известно, когда чаще всего умирают людиAccording to experts, most people die on Saturdays.

It would seem that the lethality of Monday proved by all available means to mankind – from cinema to personal experience. But experts resource LiveScience claim that the greatest number of deaths is still not to this day.

Experts examined a database by the us Centers for control and prevention (CDC), which included 39 million deaths that occurred in the U.S. from 1999 to 2014, and amounted to a statistical summary.

It turned out that most people die on Saturdays. On this day of the week had 5.7 million dead. And the most cheerful was, not surprisingly, Sunday is 5.6 million deaths. The rest of the week more or less evenly spread out in this stotysyachnogo interval.

Installed another cautionary regularity between days of the week and cause of death. For example, heart attacks often destroy people on Mondays and Tuesdays (sometimes on Thursdays), drug overdose on Saturday, getting in a car accident on Saturday, and firearms on Sundays.

Recall that scientists have found in any month of the year are born the most intelligent people. In addition, was revealed the most extraordinary fact about the longevity of the women.


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