DayZ is moving to a new engine


DayZ переходит на новый движокAfter version 0.63 and up to the 1.0 release Bohemia does not intend to introduce major changes and focus on eliminating bugs.

DayZ slept almost all the world: in 2013 she became one of the first highly successful games in Early access on Steam and has set a trend for “variaci”. But here’s the problem: developers are now chasing the “Royal battle”, but DayZ is still not Mature enough even to beta. However, the representative of Bohemia Interactive’m sure 2018 will be the “year of DayZ”.

In an interview with PCGamesN, said Eugene Hatton (Eugen Harton), Executive producer of Bohemia. According to him, in the next couple of weeks DayZ for PC transferred to a new engine, and before the end of the year the game starts in the Xbox Game Preview — the analog of early access for Xbox One.

Hatton also says that Bohemia is not afraid of competition with PUBG or Fortnite, saying, this game DayZ is aiming for a completely different audience. Hartono hopes that a kind of restart will attract “old school” streamers, including those that have started with DayZ. The producer believes the game will become “mainstream”, but says that the most striking moments in DayZ yet to come.

Below — gameplay DayZ in offline mode, recorded on the Xbox One X. it Seems such a horror as PUBG console for Microsoft, not here.

PC Gamer has asked for more Bohemia comments. The Studio said that DayZ standalone was developed in parallel with the Enfusion Engine — the new engine, which should form the basis for future games, Bohemia. In fact, for the most part so DayZ is still sticking in early access — it still transferred to fresh technology.

A huge number of technical changes will be introduced together with the version 0.63 — with this patch DayZ will move into a state of “beta”. According to Bohemia, the launch of 0.63 — a substantial stage in the life of the game, which will transform the feel of the gameplay as a whole. Although the expression “restart”, which was used Hartono is not a very good word, confesses the unnamed PR-Manager of the company.

Judging by the review for PC Gamer, after 0.63 and up to the 1.0 release Bohemia does not intend to introduce major changes and focus on eliminating bugs and polishing the balance and a small content of additives.


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