Datsun introduced a new version of the SUV Cross


Datsun представила новый вариант внедорожника CrossDatsun Cross not intended for actual races.

Updated Chinese Datsun Cross has added sports features.

It implies adding to the body of a number of aerodynamic components, rear massive spoiler, giving the car a “racing” colors. The impression from the appearance of the Cross to reinforce 4 of the led lamp located on the front bumper and grille.

New decided to equip traditional, model, engine 1.2 liters and output of 78 HP. In turn, be responsible for the stable operation of the transmission will be a CVT.

Addendum to configuration crossover shall award the model of the original model. So there is a start button of the motor, an improved entertainment system, sunroof, and airbags in the cabin.

Despite the sporty look, Datsun Cross not intended for actual races. It will be used on presentations, and other marketing promotions.


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