Dasha Astafieva told why she almost got fired from the Comedy


The singer revealed details of the filming of “Swingers”.

The star could not immediately cope with the task, which she was directed.

The acting career of the singer Dasha Astafyeva, which recently released a spectacular solo clip, is developing rapidly, says “social life”.

So,the actress is now also a theater actress, plays with Anton Lirnyk in antiprize. According to Dasha, her role in theater and the first Ukrainian sex Comedy “Swingers” are very similar.

“The roles are so similar. I always play mistresses. I think it’s one of my karmic path. It is necessary to pass it. Better in films and on stage, than in life. In my life I had only once to be in this role. Fortunately, it was at a very young age. All the bumps I got then”, – said Astafyev.

By the way, Dasha is so bold that he decided to have her almost bare buttocks showed a closeup on the wide screen in the movie “Swingers”.

“You were not troubled by the fact that I was climbing 45 times from the balcony on the balcony with no understudy? More, I think, I was worried about the buttocks? Probably the first 10 seconds I thought about how my figure looks in a frame that will be visible folds. But then it became so cold, it was so scary,” admitted Dora.

She added that during the filming of “Swingers” was such that she was almost fired from the picture.

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“It turned out, the simplest shots are the most difficult. When I need from a relaxed state to move to a state of hysteria and in complete silence. Here it was the most difficult. You know a secret, the Director even said, “You know, in that moment, I thought I should fire you, you’re not good for us”. I said, “And, after two days, as I make love, I climb over the balcony on the balcony… You got me fired after I are unable to sit quietly and listen, and then become hysterical?” – said Dasha.


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