Dasha Astafieva starred in a new revealing photo shoot


Ukrainian singer, model and actress Dasha Astafyeva participated in the seductive shoot.

On the official page in Instagram Dasha Astafieva published spicy stills from new photo shoot. On one of them the famous singer posing in the buff, while others daubed paint.

“Josephine, or Josephine?” asked Astafeva.

“Example of a beautiful, delicious, a real strong sexual energy. It’s rare…”, “Why is it, that’s why? Pictures of other stars, not even much naked, enraged, they peck, they say, “okay, you’re a singer, sing, and do not take off your clothes”. And your photo is like fire and water: you can watch forever and want more and more. You’re the best”, “If the woman with still beautiful, why not show? And those who have wrinkled and faded after 25, may come to poison. Dash, I want you to be like Sabrina Salerno: not to age and be beautiful” – comment on the fans.


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