Dasha Astafieva showed the seductive in stockings


The singer appeared in the Eastern manner.

Popular singer Dasha Astafieva is not only music and acting, but also manages to be in the ad. Celebrity took part in the filming of advertising in the Arab spirits and shared a spicy shots in your Instagram.

In the frame Astafieva appeared with radically new hair color, green satin dress and stockings red. Image complements the scarlet lipstick and voluminous Oriental earrings.

“Today I introduce you with a new story. This is my magical night… that smell like winter, a little drunk from love cherries. That night, all the fantasies become a reality, and the distance between me and you, it is possible to measure the quiet mysterious steps”, − commented on the new fragrance artist.

Members agreed that a Dasha is in any way looks divine, and your new hair color really suits her: “Quite different, but very beautiful”, “Space!”, “Beautiful image”, “Dasha, You are incredible”, “Goddess”, “New hair color very successful.”


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