Dasha Astafieva has confessed his feelings


Ukrainian singer Dasha Astafieva during the year to meet with a man, and only with him she realized deliriously happy and ready to get married.

The star has become the heroine of the new issue of Viva magazine, for which she starred in a revealing photo shoot and spoke about their lovely feelings.

On the cover you can see the artist at home on the couch with upturned feet, she’s wearing shorts and tops in pastel shades.

Dasha Astafieva also gave a short interview and was unable to keep all covering her feelings. The star admitted that she is so overwhelmed with happiness that she just can’t keep in the silence of your love. Friends see in the artist of the significant changes that are immediately evident in her burning eyes.

Playboy model did not try to hide the fact that as early as the year seeing that man has been waiting for for years, during the periods when he was alone, and even when I was with someone.

Dasha said that finally I met someone who looked exactly like the man of her dreams, the one she honed in their dreams and desires like a diamond.

The pair travels a lot. They recently visited Italy, where the singer often shared a joint images. And initially they went to Montenegro, where he fished, walked around the streets and just enjoyed each other.


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